Photo Slideshow: Redfish from a Kayak

I took these shots of Dean Thomas (Slowride Kayak Guide Service) casting to a large pod of redfish in Aransas Pass, TX. Casting flies from a seated position in a kayak can be challenging. Dean is good at it. Nikon d50 w/ 80-200 mm f2.8 lens.

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4 thoughts on “Photo Slideshow: Redfish from a Kayak

  1. very nice sequence. Love the depth of field variation between #1 and #2&3. Tells a very effective story.

    1. Thanks!

      I was using a Nikon 200mm F2.8 lens and Nikon D50 camera. Tough shots with moving fish from a moving boat (and of course Dean in the background who never sits still). Ha!


  2. Awesome photos! I am looking at getting me a buggy whip to chase reds with in my yak, and my wife is a shutterbug! It is gonna be a great combo!

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