6 thoughts on “Canyon Carp in Slow Motion HD

    1. Hello Mike. Glad you liked the video.

      These carp were spawning and feeding. It is generally assumed that spawning carp don’t eat… but these did. Actually, only the males would eat. There were some gigantic females swimming right under my feet all afternoon and they would not eat, but the smaller (what I believe were male) fish ate without hesitation. Several of these fish had white milt flowing out of them when I landed them and picked them up.


  1. normally our spawn starts around memorial day.
    it’s still going strong now.
    even though i get a lot of refusals, i’ve always picked up my largest and most aggressive fish during the spawn.

    1. Thanks for the info Craig. Where are you located?

      My hook-up percentage has always been low during the spawn as compared to “normal” periods, but there are so many targets during the spawn I actually land more fish.


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