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Photos: Spawning Longnose Gar

Spawning Longnose Gar

By Casey R. Smartt

In Texas, longnose gar spawn in the late spring or early summer. Typically a large female is surrounded by many smaller males, each jockeying for position to fertilize her eggs. Spawning generally takes place in a quiet backwater area, but sometimes the spawning ritual will occur over deep or open water.

Here are a few shots of a large female longnose gar accompanied by many smaller males. They follow her wherever she goes. Nikon D50, 18-55mm, f/3.5

2 Responses to “Photos: Spawning Longnose Gar”

  1. Kim Hunter

    Casey, looks like that is some hefty competition for love! Great photos!

    • caseysmartt

      Hello Kim.

      Longnose aren’t modest about love are they. Have you seen alligator gar do this up in your neck of the woods on the Brazos River?


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