2 thoughts on “Trail Camera Pics May-Aug 2013

    1. Yeah, it’s cool to see what comes and goes past a particular spot. I’m running 3 cameras, no feeders or bait… Just animals doing their thing. Without a doubt coyotes are the most nervous about the cameras. Even though the cameras are camouflaged, hidden as much as possible in the brush and usually covered in dust and cobwebs, the coyotes nearly always look right at them and take off. Bobcats are much less spooky, deer and turkeys are guardedly curious, and wild hogs don’t give a damn.

      Also, what you see here are only a handful of the total photos taken. I usually average somewhere around 20-30 photos per day per camera. Lots of night shots, which usually don’t have terrific resolution, so hundreds and hundreds of shots get axed.

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