Longnose Gar and Gar Flies

I have been getting a lot of questions about fly fishing for gar, so i thought i would start by posting a few Canyon Lake gar videos and photos and some of the flies I use to catch them. I’ll follow up with some tutorials soon.

The flies shown here hook the gar, rather than entangle them like rope-style flies. The key is using a large high-quality circle hook mounted as a trailer on a tube fly, or as a single hook on a short-bodied streamer. Typically when a gar strikes the fly, a slow steady hook-set will cause the hook to seat firmly around the the gar’s lower jaw. Hookup percentages are not stellar, but are pretty good. Certainly they are a vast improvement over standard flies and better than any other hooking methods I have tried.

Circle hooks are used on all my gar flies. Tube flies with a circle hook trailer are especially effective.














8 thoughts on “Longnose Gar and Gar Flies

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  1. I live in South Texas, the Rio Grand Valley to be exact & we have some serious gars swimming around our local channels. I HAVE to tie one of these flies on and give it a try. The circle hook is a nice choice for a trailer. Great looking flies. I will post an RGV Gar caught on a fly per your design as soon as I can.

    1. Hello Danny.

      The circle hook flies were really designed for Longnose gar. Let me know if they work on those alligator gar. I would guess a big fly tied on a tarpon hook would work better for alligator gar, because they are a bit more fleshy.

      Let me know how it works out!


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