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Canyon Lake Fly Fishing Report 12-2-2012

Temp: 60 F, Weather: mostly cloudy, Wind: S 10-15 mph, Water temp: 65 F



Jon Fisher and I fished the south side of the lake from the boat ramp near the dam to the back of Comal Creek. The fish were sparse, and tough to catch. We marked schools primarily in Comal Creek along the channel edges. The schools wee more concentrated near the back of the creek.


We were throwing fast sinking lines. Jon was using a Chrome Minnow, and I was throwing a Meaty Minnow. We logged over 10 miles and only managed to land one white bass. It was tough fishing but still a good day on the water. Stripers should begin concentrating in Comal Creek and especially Jacob’s Creek in the coming weeks.

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    • caseysmartt

      Nearly all the videos are shot with GoPro Heros 1 & 2, usually set on 720p at highest frame rate. I recently got the dive housing which corrects the underwater distortion found on the standard GoPro housing. Only have used it once so far… On the white bass and fly footage from the 12-2-2012 Canyon Trip.

      The Canyon Carp video on the website was shot with a Kodak Playsport HD.

      The GoPro’s are a lot of fun and can capture some really neat shots.

      The new GoPro 3 that just came out comes with the corrected dive housing. Shoots 720p at 120 FPS and has an F 2.8 lens. Looks like it could be a sweet camera!

      A little traffic on the main part of the lake (Sunday afternoon) but nothing in the backwaters. During the week in the winter traffic is usually dead. Stripers should be ON in Jacob’s Creek soon, if they aren’t already.


  1. Christopher

    Case–Thanks for “keepin’ it real”……They are’t all 10 fish /multi-species-type of days…being observant on the “bad days”—can pay off later…..I am enjoying the frustrating learning curve on these nor-Cal finicky rainbows and steelhead!—Can you still eat the whites and stripes out of Canyon? ….thanks for taking me back to TX on a rainy Grass Valley CA. day-C

    • caseysmartt

      Hello Chris.

      You’re right- most days are a challenge. But that keeps us coming back.

      Unless it has changed, I believe the consumption advisory is for striped bass and longnose gar only. I was told a few years ago by lake biologists the mercury source was from natural processes. In the case of Canyon, from the weathering of rock. Interestingly, it was only found in the tissues of stripers and longnose gar.

      Definitely NOT raining down here.


      • caseysmartt

        This from TPWD website:

        “Central Texas

        Canyon Lake in Comal County
        Chemical of Concern: Mercury

        For striped bass and longnose gar, adults and children 12 and older are advised to eat no more than two 8-ounce servings per month. Children under 12 should eat no more than two 4-ounce servings per month.
        Pregnant women, women who could become pregnant and mothers who are breastfeeding are advised not to eat any striped bass or longnose gar from the lake.”

  2. Bob Lewis

    I really miss your wonderful adventures,photos, and suggestions for flyfishing in the issues of TSFMAG . Sure hope and pray you and yours are doing okay in every description and interpretation of that word. Blessings . Bob Lewis

    • caseysmartt

      Hello Shannon. Fishing for stripers is good in Feb. Some of the fish (and most fishermen) will begin staging up around Crane’s Mill, but plenty of fish will stay downlake and move into the submerged creek bottoms and small bays on the main part of the lake.

      The Jacob’s Creek area and Potter’s Creek basin are good main lake areas where the stripers will hang through early March.


      • Shannon

        do they travel up the river in the winter months on canyon? I know the rivers are good spots this time of the year in north Texas lakes. I have not fished canyon much but live in south tx now.

      • caseysmartt

        Mostly on main lake in winter, and then many of them move up lake and into river in late winter/early spring.

        River gets steady angling pressure when they move up.

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