Treetop Timescape

Here is a short time lapse made using a Gopro Hero 2 camera taking 11mp photos every 5 seconds.

The camera was fastened to a small rotating sprinkler timer.


6 thoughts on “Treetop Timescape

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      1. Also, that video was one of my first timelapse attempts. I like them much better when conformed to 16:9 format during rendering. You can do it all on an iPad using the Frame Lab app. Here are 2 others conformed to 16:9.

  1. Thanks for the info. I like those time-lapses. Why does the saturation change in the first one? Is that the GoPro changing the white balance because of the intermittent cloud cover? Here’s my first attempt at producing a time-lapse.

    1. Yep. That one is shot on Hero 2 and the camera is auto-exposing based on shadow changes. It over exposes sky to compensate for shaded ground.

      Cool fly time lapse on your link.


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