Red & Black

Kayaks and saltwater flats are a great combination. Here are a few shots from a trip recently near Aransas Pass, TX with my longtime fishing buddy Jon Fisher from San Antonio.

We were fly casting at redfish in the morning and black drum in the evening.

20120807-162142.jpg 20120808-213336.jpg 20120807-163341.jpg 20120807-163411.jpg 20120807-163437.jpg 20120807-163507.jpg 20120807-153327.jpg 20120807-153011.jpg 20120807-163632.jpg 20120808-213318.jpg 20120807-163657.jpg 20120807-164119.jpg 20120808-213348.jpg 20120807-154158.jpg 20120807-154059.jpg 20120807-163818.jpg 20120808-212058.jpg

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