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Jumpin’ Gar

Longnose gar sometimes leap impressively when hooked. Here is a short clip of a longnose catching some summer air at Canyon Lake.

Here’s the fly used.  The key is the hook- a 3/0 Gamakatsu circle hook.


5 Responses to “Jumpin’ Gar”

  1. William jimmy glen allen

    it keeps saying the video is privet love to see a gar fly out of the water

      • william jimmy glen allen

        sweet casey got to to experince that my self had bass jump clean out of the water to hit my popers but gar jumping is a nother story and thank you for fixing the settings

  2. Mark Biggs

    Hi Casey,
    You have a great website. I have tied and used most of your flies. I like the simplicity of your flies. We have long nose gar here in north east where I fish. I’ve managed to hook only one on a deer hair bug, but they grab my bass bugs quite often. I can see them shaking the bug under water, but when I set the hook I don’t hook them. What fly did you use to catch that gar?

    • caseysmartt

      Hello Mark. Glad you like the site and flies.

      I have tried all sorts of flies for gar- rope, treble hook, trailer hooks, tube flies…
      The best flies I have used are those tied on circle hooks. They can be simple like the bucktail gar fly shown above, or more complex like tube flies, flies with trailers, etc.

      I usually use a Gamkatsu 3/0 inline circle hook for big longnose. The circle hook will lock around the gar’s lower bill and hold tight. Best hook I have found or them.


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