DJI Phantom Quadcopter


I’ve been experimenting with a DJI Phantom quadcopter for aerial video and landscape photos. The Phantom is a radio controlled quadcopter with built-in GPS. It carries a GoPro camera and is simple and easy to fly. Neat machine!

Here are a few sample shots

20131107-093709.jpgThe video below was shot with a Hero 3 Black set on 1080 60 fps M. The camera was mounted to a Tarot 2D brushless stabilizing gimbal. These Tarot 2D gimbals are awesome at keeping video footage level and fluid.

4 thoughts on “DJI Phantom Quadcopter

  1. Case, dangle something from the copter in the long tank for some fantastic Gator footage!….What could possibly go wrong?

    1. Thanks Jeremy. These little quads are awesome. So are the brushless gimbals. I am using a Tarot 2D and it is amazingly good at stabilizing gopro during flight.


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