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Fly Tying

Post your questions about fly tying here.

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  1. J Fish

    What are some good websites to buy fly tying material online? I’ve found that not all crystal flash is created equally.

    • caseysmartt

      Hello Jon and congratulations on being the first person to post a question!

      There are several different sizes and multiple brand versions of Krystal Flash. For those new to fly tying, Krystal Flash is a helical (twisted) mylar used to add flash to fly patterns. It is used mostly as an accent material and is mixed in with bucktail, craft fur, synthetic hair etc… For large patterns ( #4 and larger) the standard sized Krystal Flash is good. For small flies, a “micro” version is available.

      One thing you will notice is that the texture and stiffness of Krystal Flash varies depending on color and the manufacturer. Metallic colors and pearl are fairly stiff, while some of the other colors like orange and chartreuse seem a bit more flimsy. Of all the colors, pearl is probably the most versatile for general tying. It takes on the color of the surrounding materials, and just a few strands will really liven up a pattern. I have had the best luck sticking with the Krystal Flash brand.

      I prefer to buy my materials at a fly shop, where I can look at them first. But, if you are ordering online, Feathercraft, Cabelas, and Bass Pro Shops are safe bets. Many fly shops also offer online commerce for their tying materials.


  2. Chris


    Where is a good place to purchase hooks, such as Mustad 34007, in packages of 100?

  3. Jeremy Shephard


    Can you post the tying video of the Deadhead Minow?

    • caseysmartt

      Hello Jeremy.

      I’ll try to get it up in the near future. The body is dubbed using a dubbing loop and craft fur, and the head is coated with glitter Tulip fabric paint. A lot of folks have asked about it but I just have not had time to sit down and work up a good quality video for it. I’ll put that on my short list.


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