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Canyon Lake Fly Fishing Report 11-25-09

Water temp 65 F, Weather clear 65 F, Winds N 5-10 (post cold front)

The stripers were back in the Comal Creek area today, but had moved out toward the main lake slightly. During the afternoon they were staged in 30-40 feet of water in the small bay south of Comal Island. They made an evening run down the Comal Park shoreline and showed up on the flats in the back of Comal Creek at dusk. Caught 2 stripers 8″ long, 6 stripers 16-18″, and 2 stripers 21-23″. All fish caught on Chrome Clousers.

The photo from tonight (above) shows stripers feeding at a depth of 15-30 feet and illustrates why a sinking line is so important at Canyon Lake. These fish require a fly presentation at least 15 ft. deep. It is likely the bigger fish are located toward the bottom of the school at a depth of around 25 feet. Without a sinking line, nearly all of these fish are out of range. With a sinking line they are well within range.

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