6 comments on “Plastic Bead Chain Eyes

  1. Do you also reccomend using AFF for shrimp eyes?
    Hos would you go about making them?
    Curently I am using CA and epoxy, or CA and CCG.

    • Hello Don.

      Yes, I use the AFF on shrimp eyes. Usually, I will string a black bead followed by an orange or red bead on 1.5 inch piece of 16lb hard mason mono. The beads fit sort of snug and I slide them up next to each other. I snip off one end of the mono flush with the black bead and dip the beads in AFF. I dip them deep enough for the AFF to cover the beads and a little bit of mono above them. It takes 2 dips, (with ample drying between dips) to get a thick finish. They work well. There is a photo of one of the eyes on the article titled “Aleene’s Fabric Fusion” in the Flies and Fly Tying section here on my website.


  2. Casey, would you mind that I make 8 copies of this presentation for members of our club who are not computer users.
    your website is nice and your presentations are easy to follow.

    • Hello Bob.

      Yes, you may use this material in a presentation to your club. All I ask is that you provide credit and a link to my site. Thanks for asking, and let me know if you need anything else.


  3. Hi:New to your site.Excellent.I buy baby food jars.Give food to my
    dog.Wash it and voila,great glass bottles.Cheaper than S.H.
    Will be back,Fred

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